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New LAA Inspector

6 Feb 2024

It is time to introduce you to the final new LAA Inspector from the recent batch of LAA Inspector Assessment Days - Ian Pattingale.

Ian spent 9 years in the RAF as a propulsion technician, after a brief spell as a Development Engineer. He then spent the following 30 years at British Airways in various roles from aircraft Technical Instructor to B737 Flight Test Engineer. His current job is as an Engineer in London Heathrow Engineering Operations, where we are responsible for providing serviceable aircraft to support the flying programme.

He's a keen glider pilot with a current 'Full Cat' instructor rating, as well as a 'Senior Inspector/Chief Engineer (ARC Signatory)' on wood, composite and metal airframes for gliders. In addition, he's a B1 Licensed, with current B777 ratings .

As a member of the Vintage Gliding Club, Ian is keen to promote the continuing airworthiness of 'vintage' glider types - a current project that I am working on is the restoration of a 1976 Schleicher ASK18 to a fully airworthy flying condition.

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