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New LAA Inspectors

26 Jan 2024

It is time to introduce you to two more new LAA Inspectors - Umberto Izzo and Simon Boynett, who both attended an LAA Inspector Assessment Day in December, with our Chief Inspector, Lucy.

Umberto's experience is mainly in general aviation and microlight aircraft (metal, fabric and composites), either Lycoming, Continental or Rotax-powered. He is also IRMT-approved. He owns a share in Jodel 1050.

Simon is a retired Licensed Aircraft Engineer with 44 years of experience working on Commercial Passenger and Cargo aircraft. He has a B1 and B2 CAA licence (Airframes, Engines and Electrical generation systems) B2 (Avionics, Auto flight, Auto land systems, Radio and Radar). In addition to this, he has an FAA issued A & P licence. He put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into building his own Vans RV 7, that he still loves to fly today as often as he can. Although retired, he still has aeroplanes and safety in his blood and looks forward to helping others to keep the high standards the LAA require, and to advise and certify Maintenance and Permit to Fly revalidation inspections.

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