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Nick Stone appointed as the LAA's Head of Airworthiness

24 Oct 2023

The LAA is pleased to announce the appointment of Nick Stone as the LAA’s Head of Airworthiness. Nick brings a vast wealth of aircraft knowledge as well as a real world understanding of the need for good process and procedure.


Having started his career in the Royal Air Force, Nick went on to work in the aerospace industry working in the UK with British Aerospace and Slingsby Aviation at various sites and projects, as an inspector, methods engineer and quality engineer.

Nick then moved to the United States at Eastern Airlines in Miami Florida, Learjet in Wichita Kansas and Chihuahua Mexico as inspection/Quality representative of Shorts Aerospace (Bombardier Aerospace).


Following a downturn in the British Aerospace industry he then took an opportunity to move into the nuclear industry working in both reprocessing and power generation.

Throughout Nick's working life the one constant has been a passion for aviation. Having started as a volunteer at a local aircraft museum at 14, Nick started flying at the age of 16 in gliders and has a private pilot’s licence PPL(A).


Prior to becoming an LAA inspector Nick spent many years building, rebuilding, and restoring vintage aircraft, the more unusual the better. “As an LAA inspector I understand the need to move forward and change and adapt to an ever changing but exciting world. Having run my own aircraft restoration company for the last seven years I always felt it is important to understand your customers”.


LAA CEO Simon Tilling said, “Nick is a great addition to the LAA staff. I and the rest of the team are looking forward to working with him in the near future”

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